Capital Punishment Should Not Exist Essay

Capital Punishment Should Not Exist Essay

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When people talk about capital punishment what are they talking about, today, it is one of the main topics when people think of corrections and criminal justice. What exactly is the public opinion about capital punishment? What is the controversy of capital punishment? What kind of Retribution involved in the matter of capital punishment? A main issue with capital punishment is wrongful execution and it also one of the main arguments for why capital punishment should not exist. What is Habeas Corpus, and why is it a great tool in the case of capital punishment?
Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is a sentence by death. The judgment that a person be punished in this fashion is a death sentence. Offenses that can result in a death penalty are known as capital offenses. The word capital originates from the Latin capitalis, actually meaning the head referring to execution by beheading (Capital Punishment, N.d.)
Capital punishment been performed by most civilizations at some point in time. It was used as a penalty for offenders, and political or religious nonconformists. Traditionally, the carrying out of the death sentence was regularly accompanied by torture, and executions were regularly public (Caplan-Brinker, N., 2014).
Capital punishment is a major argument in numerous countries and states, and opinions can differ within a single political belief or ethnic region. In the European Union member states, Article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union bans the use of capital punishment. The Council of Europe also forbids the usage of the death penalty by its members (Capital Punishment: Observation Recommendations and Conclusions, 2014).
Public Opinions
The public view on the death penalty differs gre...

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...t be truthfully convincing (Lectric Law Library, n.d.).
Evaluation through federal habeas corpus is basically none existent in theory, but it is important in practice. According to Eric Freedman, 21 percent of capital punishment cases are overturned through federal habeas corpus (Wegmann, J, 2013)
Capital punishment will always be a part of our history and also a topic that will be studied in the criminal justice and corrections field. Many people have strong opinions about capital punishment and that will never change. Capital punishment will be more refined in our future with new and better-refined technology more people will possibly see their fate and the innocent victims of capital punishment wont be a product of the criminal justice system. My opinion of capital punishment, it is needed but it also needs to be accurate to make sure innocent lives are not lost.

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