Essay on Capital Punishment Should Not Be Justified

Essay on Capital Punishment Should Not Be Justified

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Over many centuries, the act of killing has been very controversial as it is argued to be barbaric but at the same time, a part of life. Many will disagree on whether killing can be even be justified, let alone condemned and permitted. Killing a person as punishment for the same offence is difficult to justify and essentially says that killing is allowed. Although the practice of the death penalty exists still, many societies argue how it is barbaric and is part of the past. In Canada however, the topic comes up fairly often as the United States still practices capital punishment in many states. Extensive research shows that capital punishment is unethical, has many flaws, and has a much larger cost than imprisonment. Therefore, through an examination of the ethical relationship, all the possible errors, and the costs, it is evident that capital punishment should not be reinstated in Canada.
The first idea that needs to be looked at is whether or not capital punishment is ethical. In many religions, the killing of another human being is considered sinful. This is essentially what capital punishment does as it ends the life of someone who has committed a crime. However, allowing a person to live the rest of their life with the chance that they will offend again is one of the most important reasons why people support capital punishment. According to Brian O’Neill, “On one hand, it has a righteous appeal as the only fitting punishment for the most egregious crimes. On the other, it is arguably hypocritical to use the underlying crime itself as punishment for the act” (Balancing Ethics and the Death Penalty). This quote argues how there are two sides and that there is no equal punishment to murder besides murder in itself. But at the ...

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...” (“State 's Review Of The Death Penalty”). The research shows that each death penalty case costs a little over half a million compared to imprisonment. The major difference in price is one of the most important concerns when deciding to reinstate the death penalty in Canada.
In conclusion, through research it is seen that capital punishment is unethical, has many flaws, and has a much larger cost than imprisonment. Capital punishment is mainly seen as unethical as murder is not permitted in society and should not be used as a form of punishment. Along with capital punishment being unethical, it also is susceptible to human error. Lastly, capital punishment has substantially higher costs than imprisonment. analysis of the ethical relationship, all the possible errors, and the costs involved, make it evident that capital punishment should not be reinstated in Canada.

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