Capital Punishment: Is It Right or Wrong? Essay

Capital Punishment: Is It Right or Wrong? Essay

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At first thought it may seem that capital punishment is the right thing to do. But what most people don’t realize is that it is injustice and wrong. Capital punishment has been around since the middle ages and is used today to kill people who commit crimes it varies from state to state but one of the main crimes to receive the death penalty is murder. Also the U.S.A. has used capital punishment from it’s beginning it started with hanging and it’s changed over the years there have been many different types such as electric chair, hanging, gas chamber, firing squad and lethal injection the person who is going to be executed gets a option on which of five he would prefer most states only provide two or three. Lethal injection is the most popular choice out of all of them. supreme court has the say on whether capital punishment is constitutional. Over the last few years however it has acted to limit the use of capital punishment. Executions of people with some mental disabilities or people whose crimes were committed when they were younger than 18 years old. I am highly against capital punishment because it goes against the 8th amendment and in general its wrong. Is an eye for an eye really the right thing to do? according to ( it cost nearly two million dollars to exiccute someone after all the court cases and the exicution takes place. But only cost around one million dollars for life in prison.
in court cases such as Hank Skinner’s, where he was falsely blamed and convicted for murdering his family even though he didn't. how sad is that? he loved his family and was blamed for their death. on top of that he spent 15 years in prison and luckily asked for a DNA test for proof and it turns out he was i...

... middle of paper ... still in the middle ages and put an end to capital punishment. Many countries have banned capital punishment altogether and several U.S. states that have got rid of capital punishment altogether. Its time to put a end to capital punishment in the U.S. For a country to succeed it needs to change and putting a end to capital punishment would be a good step.

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