Essay on Capital Punishment : Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Essay on Capital Punishment : Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Capital Punishment: Guilty until proven Innocent
Most people can agree that a death sentence is the ultimate punishment for those who committed a faulty crime. While death is the most extreme punishment there is, one has to really make sure that the ‘criminal’ is truly guilty of that specific crime. Many factors lead to the death of the innocent, such as weak legal representation, racial discrimination, mistakes in eyewitness testimonies or the “snitch” testimonies, inadequate evidence, or even the community/political pressure to solve the case against the criminal(s). The chances of innocent people getting executed are decreasing by fifty percent since the 1990’s. There has been many cases where the government has made a mistake and either putting the person on death row for a long time or actually executing him/her. Many people have their own opinions on capital punishment, but determining whether one is innocent or guilty is factual based on evidences and it is not based on a certain belief or opinion. The oversights in criminal investigations have proven that capital punishment can be high-risk.
There are a handful of factors that come when convicting a person. There has been cases where the prosecutors try to make the evidence go against the person being convicted, like threatening or forcing testimonies from different eyewitnesses. There is also the fact that the attorneys that the convicted person has been appointed to is not very good and demonstrates a weak performance. Another factor is that juries also rely on false evidences given to them, like false statements given to them from people who are looking for leniency in return. (Fatal Flaws: Innocence and the Death Penalty in the USA, Innocent and on death row: how it...

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...for two murders he did not commit, highlighting the fact that capital punishment is very risky when it comes to the innocence of man.
In essence, capital punishment is a very high risk performance. Death Penalty has no solution after it has been committed, because death is irreversible. There has been many cases where innocent people had to pay for a crime they did not commit, all due to the oversights the juries and prosecutors make. For those who did get justified before their execution, they still had to be on death row for many years. How many innocent people have to die, just so that in the end there was a justice served? As Columbia University law professor James Liebman said, "There are many cases out there that nobody has ever looked at and are probably at risk of innocence, it 's a cautionary tale about the risks we take when we have the death penalty."

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