Capital Punishment : A Controversial Issue Essay examples

Capital Punishment : A Controversial Issue Essay examples

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Capital punishment is a very controversial issue, where can be found with long-standing application in countries such as the united states. Hugo A. Bedau expresses his opinion that the death penalty is a form of human brutality that goes against human dignity. Claiming the death penalty an ineffective way to deter future offenses and the government uses the capital punishment to express their power in hopes of deterring behavior by creating fear.

Deterrence is an act in which influences actions , creating fear and thus reducing crimes. We are conditioned to believe that a particular wrong doing will receive severe consequences that it will deter behavior from reoccurring. Bedau believes“ whatever may be true about the deterrence of lesser crimes by other penalties, the deterrence achieved by the death penalty for murder is not measurably any greater than the deterrence achieved by long-term imprisonment.” I must disagree that long-term imprisonment will not deter criminals in which was stated that approximately “4,000 executed were the worst of the worse, repeated offenders incapable of safe incarceration,much less of rehabilitation, the most dangerous murderers in captivity the ones who had killed more than once and were likely to kill again.” Stated clearly that the imprisonment cannot deter further crimes but the death penalty will bring fear and influence others from committing such crimes. Hence, we have lifeguards at the beach, but swimming is not totally prohibited; smokers are warned, but cigarettes are still legally sold; pedestrians may be given the right of way in a crosswalk, but marginally competent drivers are still allowed to operate motor vehicles. Some risk is therefore imposed on the innocent; in the name of ou...

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...o us that the government has complete power over our existence bringing fear to us all to keep everyone aligned with the rules and regulations of society, we the society all can agree to an extent on the capital punishment and imprisonment is necessary to eliminate others unworthy of appreciating human existence or the safety of others. Capital punishment wouldn’t be an option if we the society weren’t accepting of it.
To conclude, before writing this paper not much thought came about when revolving capital punishment because we often don’t hear about much it in society. The thoughts of Bedau taught me that in order to spread world peace we must value the authentic existences of everyone whether they go against rules and regulations because what progress are we making as a society
stop offenses by promoting brutality is only increase violence not so much stopping it.

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