Essay on The Capability of the Human Brain

Essay on The Capability of the Human Brain

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The use of modern technology in the Internet enabled people for the rapid information exchange, which had never before experienced by human. The growth and development of societies in a globalizing world and the trend towards so-called Information Society made the traders, people are becoming more and more reliant on information technology to smooth the progress of international business transactions, and many spectators believe that full-fledged electronic commerce is nearing a reality. This characterized by rapidly processing and transfer of information through the Internet made individuals, prefer to conclude contracts and legal actions in the online network.

This trade, which mainly relies on the computer and the use of this technique showed many problems with the scientific and legal levels of network transactions. However, the emergence of the internet hackers is a major implication on both local and international levels. In particular, many claim that poor legislation and law enforcement create incentives for misuse (hackers) to intensify their fraudulent activities on the Internet. One of those problems connected to the computer right is the privacy protection or credibility of the information that have transferred via the Internet under the contract that taken electronically.
Computer crime and criminal information law are relatively young phenomena. A first historical analysis indicates that each new development of computer technology followed by a corresponding adaptation of crime as well as by legislative.

This research focuses in the quality of the legal rules and enforcement in ensuring that transaction data are protected and secured from electronic misuse worldwide. It also highlights the ef...

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...human brain is not easy or impossible to appreciate. It is not possible to remove computer-generated offence from the cyber space. It is quite possible to check them. History is the witness that no legislation has succeeded in complete eliminating crime from the world. Further, we all jointly do not deny that there is a need to bring changes in the Information Technology Act to make it more effective to combat cyber crime. By exploring, comparing and analysing what Saudi law legislation (Islamic law) to that of British law we can get a sound picture about best methods in controlling the internet crime to safeguard the business for traders. I suggest that the only probable measure is to make people aware of their rights and duties (to report crime as a collective duty towards the society) and further making the application of the laws more severe to check crime.

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