Essay about The Canonization Of The New Testament

Essay about The Canonization Of The New Testament

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In this paper, there will be a discussion about the canonization of the New Testament. Along with an investigation of who was involved in this process. The people and institution looked at will include the following: Marcion, Irenaeus, Origen, Synod of Hippo, and God.

First, let us look at the canonization of the New Testament. The first available list of the New Testament books is called the Muratorian Canon and it dates somewhere around A.D. 150. It has the four Gospels, Acts, 13 letters of Paul, Jude, 2or 3 letters of John, and the revelation of John. These were accepted by the “universal church “there are some books left out they are as follows: first and second Peter, James, and Hebrews. However, it is very possible that there was an oversight because first Peter was accepted as a valid book. There are no other books present accept the Wisdom of Solomon, this had to be in error because that book belongs in the Apocrypha and it was not added by anyone to the New Testament (Edwards et al, 2009, pg. 14). It is very possible that the first collection of the New Testament books by the early church consisted of a collection of the Pauline letters. It was completed in the first 25 years of the second century. This would have been from A.D. 100-150 when the four Gospels were collected so that they could be published (Branson et al, 2006, pg. 27).

Next is the people and things that contributed to the canonization of the New Testament.

• Marcion developed the first list of books regarded as canonical. He became very fascinated by the teachings of Paul but eventually he would interpret them in such an unbalanced way that he was considered a heretic. He would compete with the early Christian church by starting his own rival churc...

... middle of paper ...

...ical writers. Wesleyan evangelical theologians found a very high activity the involvement of the Holy Spirit when it comes to the writing of the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit appeared to biblical writers to understand and communicate revelation. The writers would receive understanding of God’s activity in history, which would be interpreted through the eyes of their faith traditions, and it was communicated through the activity of writing (Branson et al, 2006, pg. 20-21).

In closing, the canonization of the New Testament was looked at along with the roles that Marcion, Irenaeus, Origen, and God played in the canonization of the New Testament. It was discovered that each person or committee had quite an influence on the process. However, God had the final impact on the process. Therefore, they conclusion can be drawn that God uses even man to bring about his purposes.

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