Caning in Singapore Schools to Be Replaced by Non-Violent Disciplines Essay

Caning in Singapore Schools to Be Replaced by Non-Violent Disciplines Essay

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Caning in Singapore Schools to Be Replaced by Non-Violent Disciplines
A recent article in The Asian Parent Magazine reports that a student was publicly caned in a Singapore secondary school for repeatedly being late, and several Singaporean parents criticized the school policy on this issue (Chin, 2012, p.1). Such reports have been raising controversies on whether the Singapore Ministry of Education should continue allowing schools to administer such disciplinary action, a traditional corporal punishment since 1957 under the Schools Regulation Act. Canees are punished for offences such as theft, bullying, and vandalism of school facilities. Senior administrative staff in school can carry out for up to three hard strokes on the palm or on the buttocks with a light cane private, in class, or publicly during a school assembly. Many Singaporean educators and parents believe this form of correction is an appropriate disciplinary action. Meanwhile critics believe that it is an inhumane and ineffective method to teach the students how to behave (Sudderuddin, 2009, p.3). The Singapore Ministry of Education should abolish caning in school, because the canees could experience long-term psychological fallout and delinquent behaviors, it is educationally unproductive, it infringes children’s human rights, and abolition could improve Singapore’s international reputation.
Caning in front of class or school can cause destructive consequences on the students’ psychological health and emotional development. Researchers have found that corporal punishment can provoke depressive symptoms on school-aged children. They have also suggested that corporal punishment can harm the proper development of the children’s self-concept, lower their confidence,...

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...probably be a good idea for Singapore to find non-violent disciplinary methods to substitute such physical punishment. It could be difficult at the beginning and it takes time and effort to install effective alternative systems. However, there are successful instances in many other regions of the world, such as Sweden and Taiwan, from which Singapore could learn the strategies. If the discipline system in Singapore schools has smoothly reformed and achieved noteworthy results, the students would be enormously benefited. Moreover, the educational system itself would be considerably rewarded by nurturing more responsible and self-disciplined future citizens for the nation and by a better international recognition as a reputable education hub. Therefore, the Minister of Education of Singapore should abolish its caning policy and replace it with non-violent alternatives.

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