Essay on Canine Human Relations

Essay on Canine Human Relations

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Is dog's worth to humans simply as man's best friend? Throughout history, dogs have been protectors, companions, and pets. However, science is saying that there is much more to these creatures. "Dogs Read Human Expressions", by The Huff Post, and "The Doctor's Dog Will See You Now", by Melinda Beck explain the scientific connection between dogs and humans. Science shows that dog's interaction with humans makes them more than just pets because dogs interact like human children and canines assist in various forms of human therapy.
Dogs communicate with humans through facial expressions like human children. A study published in the journal of Current Biology showed, dogs have the same communicative ability of a 6 month to 2-year-old child when using interaction with our vocal communications. Researcher Jozsef Topal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences tested this theory. The findings reveal that dogs are receptive to human communication in a manner that was previously attributed only to human infants. Research finds when people act out a command and say it out loud; dogs understand the same as a human child would (Dogs Read Human Expression 1).
When looking into the dog’s eyes it is no different from looking into a child's eyes when shouting out verbal prompts and acting out the task that needs to be performed. In the article "Dogs Are Similar To Young Kids, Study Shows" by Sarah Glynn, the writer submits that "Dogs are so well adjusted to living with human beings that in many instances the owner replaces the dog as an animal, seeing the canine as the same species, and takes on the role of the dog's main social partner," according to the experts. Dogs and kids seem to partake in what is recognized as the "strong base effect". Th...

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... as different species. The care they share makes them look at each other as the same.
In conclusion, science shows that dog’s interaction with humans makes them more than just pets because dogs interact like human children and canines assist in various forms of human therapy. For most people who own a dog, the title of man’s best friend given to a canine is a well-deserved name earned over the centuries for this member of their family.

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