The Candide Or Optimist By Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire Essay

The Candide Or Optimist By Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire Essay

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In the “Candide or Optimist” by Francois-Marie Arouet De Voltaire people are not as they would seem and things are not as they seem to be. Sometimes people have to put up as a mask to hide their true reality. Sometimes we tend to fall for what is on the surface of the people in our lives. Just as Candide looks to Jacques, Paquette, and Cunégonde and they are not who he intended them to be. There is always something more than what it may seem. There is irony in the novel Candide because everything he once believed in was betraying him right in front of his eyes.
Voltaire’s novel, “Candide or Optimism” was about Candide trying to see the world through an optimistic lens. However, this was proven to him time and time again that bad things were happening to the people he cared for and he did not understand why. His mentor, Pangloss, always told him that these events were always for the best. Pangloss was extremely optimistic. Optimism was his teachings to Candide. He would teach him that the world is good. Candide falls in love with the Baron’s daughter, Cunégonde, and is kicked out of the castle when he was caught kissing her. He is then forced to be in the army but manages to getaway. He arrives to Holland and meets Jacques who takes him to take care of him and offers him a job in his factory, Candide then runs into Pangloss and he is dying of the syphilis disease. Pangloss tells Candide that the castle was attacked and that Cunégonde is dead. Jacques accepts to take in Pangloss and has him cured. They take a business trip to Lisbon when the shop tat was carrying them confronts a horrible storm. It is this storm that causes Jacques to drown. Once they arrived to Lisbon, they see that an earthquake has occurred. People got hurt and ...

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... happen to them because it is for the goodness of the world. He respects the philosopher, Pangloss, so much that he believes in his word but cannot help but to doubt it as well with everything he ha endeavored. The people in his like that he considered good have bad things happen to them. He does not understand why horrible things would happen to them. It is argues that maybe what happen to Jacques was deserving since he was only think for his best interest. Paquette, who gave Pangloss a dying disease, gives off the appearance that she is happy when in actuality she is miserable. Cunégonde who was once appeared to by a timid young lady full of beauty shows a more aggressive side to her and in the end her looks no longer can define her. Even Candide does not know what kind of man he is. He was once thought to be a good man but questions his nobleness.

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