Candide By Voltaire And American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang Essay

Candide By Voltaire And American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang Essay

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When we discuss taboo subjects, we often are disgusted by it because it’s unnatural and shouldn’t exist; “taboo has a lot of hidden meanings. We’re going to leave that up to your imagination.” Many of the taboos that we come to know about are good for society but people still think of them as bad. There are many books written on the subject of taboo, which means that it’s something we don’t want to talk about. There are taboo subjects that we refrain from discussing or even learning about because it’s something we’ve been taught or known all along. On the other hand, we also have many comedies that make fun of taboo subjects because it gets people to think of about them and then reconsider their opinion of whether the subject is normal or not. Making fun of taboo subjects is important because it gets to think about what’s natural and what’s not. As it is illustrated in the books: Candide by Voltaire and American-Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. Both of the authors make fun of taboo subjects to get people’s attention and bring a different set of ideas to them.
In “Candide,” Voltaire makes fun of several taboos. One of the prominent taboo he makes fun of is the history of syphilis; before he makes fun of that taboo, Voltaire makes fun of Candide’s birth in the form of sex, religion, and sexual exploitation. In the beginning of “Candide,” Voltaire starts with explaining how Candide came about. Voltaire states, “the older servants of the house suspected him to be the son of the Baron’s sister by a kindly and honest gentleman of the neighbourhood…” (3). Voltaire isn’t bothered by the idea to include the fact that Candide mother is a whore and slept with a stranger because she wanted to. He makes fun of Candide’s birth in a way to say t...

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... much trouble that wants to be totally American. He makes the readers question their thoughts as to how they would feel if something similar happened to them.
Making of taboo subjects is really important because it teaches everyone what acceptable and what’s not. In Voltaire’s Candide, he makes fun of several taboos: religion, sex exploitation, and sex. He criticizes the religion because of how the religious leaders behaved as supposed to how they are expected to behave. Gene makes fun of taboo by showing the stereotypes of Chinese in Chin-Kee, he shows that what the Chinese people feel every day is also someone that was born here with Chinese decent feels or someone from another culture feels. We learn a lot from talking about taboo subjects because they teach us to accept something that we think is unnatural but it’s completely natural in someone else’s culture.

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