Candide As A Person 's View On Life Essay

Candide As A Person 's View On Life Essay

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How much is a person’s view point on life influenced by others? The characters of Candide influence the character Candide a lot on his point of view on life, primarily on how life and suffering intertwine together. Each character has their own idea of how life and suffering are related based on their own personal life and past encounters of suffering. Characters who have not suffered view life as everything being for the better, where as other characters who have endured and encountered a lot of suffering view life very negatively. As Candide continues his journey he meets several characters who impact his perspective on life so much he creates his own philosophy about life. The positive aspects and characters who have positive outlooks on life influence Candide to see the good of life. While the suffering and hardships of life and the people who view life negatively also influence Candide’s point of view negatively. By the end of the story Candide has summed up all his experiences, all the influences, and his own life to create his own philosophy on how life truly is.
In Candide the plot is centered around the characters’ lives, more specifically Candide’s life and how it was most influenced by others. As the story unfolds one of the biggest concepts in Candide is suffering; why does it happen, what does it do, and where does it come from. Each character grows as their life changes drastically causing them all to have very strong opinions on life in a sense of suffering. Pangloss was Candide’s first influence, his philosophy was that all is for the best, Candide adopted this philosophy in his life and applied it to everything. Pangloss’s character served as a mentor for Candide, but a mentor who taught him that sufferi...

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...ter he was kicked out of the castle and everything after that changed the life he once had and the life he once loved, if it had never been changed, it would still remain that way in his eyes. By ridding his life of change and any element of the outside world his life shall remain as he manages it, which he deems the best. Candide was enlightened to create this philosophy based on the characters he met and the experiences he had in his life. Based on Candide’s philosophy suffering originates from the outside of your routine lifestyle, suffering occurs when an outside force is introduced into your life, and suffering causes a change on your perspective of life. The characters of Candide changed Candide’s perspective of life, Candide’s life, and his self. So in the end, the point of views on life of others influences someone else’s perception of life dramatically.

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