Essay on Cancer Is A Disease That Affects People Live And Experience Life

Essay on Cancer Is A Disease That Affects People Live And Experience Life

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Cancer is a disease that affects all of us indirectly or directly. It is responsible for the

deaths of many people in the world. It has hindered many and is a very terrible disease. The

causes of this disease can be narrowed down to poor diet choices, tobacco, sun and UV exposure,

radiation exposure, and other carcinogens. All these issues can effect the human life and how

people live and experience life. The symptoms of cancer vary as it can target many areas of the

body. A common symptom is weight loss and fatigue. This is due to the energy that the cells use

to produce at a rapid pace. Not only is it taking away your body’s energy from the food and

nutrition. Another symptom that is common with pancreatic cancer is Jaundice. This is when the

skin starts to turn yellow and fade to that colour and causes issues in the eye with bloodshot look

and red surrounding the outer layer. An example of diet is to reduce salt intake and increasing the

eating of vegetables and fresh fruit are linked to the prevention of stomach cancer (2015). This is

a preventative measure to help decrease cancer risk. Cancer is when cells divide at a rapid

continuous pace that spread around the body or build in a specific area causing tumours and thus

creating cancer in the human body. According to Dana Dovey of medical daily 10 to 30 percent

of cancer is caused by issues out of our hands and 70 to 90 percent is due to our behaviours and

environmental issues (2015).

The most obvious way of getting cancer that everyone thinks of is smoking. Not only is

smoking using tobacco but it also is an example of air pollution and how the effects can linger

in the atmosphere and enter other people’s breathing space causing the effects ...

... middle of paper ...

...nd thinking that it was gone the cancer had comeback. This is an example

of how the human anatomy is so large that once the cancer cells start rapidly dividing from each

other it can spread and not be targeted properly by the therapy.

As a result, cancer has many risks to obtaining it such as the environment you are in; this

can be exposure to breathing harmful chemicals at work or even at home. The nutrition a person

consumes and how eating healthy and maintaining a proper diet reduces stomach cancer. As well

as the study of toxicology and the chemicals that effect the human immune system and how the

trials are done to help discover new cures. By using the rats to find cures and toxins that cause

cancer it becomes more evident that science is coming closer to the root of cancer and what

can be done not just to prevent it, but stop it in the future.

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