Canadians Should Not Be Proud Of Canada Essay

Canadians Should Not Be Proud Of Canada Essay

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Do you know that despite Canada being called multicultural and accepting, Canada’s history reveals many secrets that contradicts this statement? Such an example are Canadian aboriginals, who have faced many struggles by Canadian society; losing their rights, freedoms and almost, their culture. However, Native people still made many contributions to Canadian society. Despite the efforts being made to recognize aboriginals in the present day; the attitudes of European Canadians, acts of discrimination from the government, and the effects caused by the past still seen today have proven that Canadians should not be proud of Canada’s history with respect to human rights since 1914.

First, is because of the attitudes of European Canadians towards aboriginals, which were mostly cruel and inhumane. This was simply because the aboriginals lived a completely different lifestyle compared to European Canadians. Evidence to support this was the statement written by Duncan Campbell Scott, who used to be head of Indian Affairs in Canada from 1913 to 1932. This opinion was shared by many Canadians. Scott wrote that “They are a weird and waning race...ready to break out at any moment in dances” (Scott 68). Another piece of evidence to support my point is how during 1953, Inuit communities were relocated to the Arctic where the Canada/United States military defense system was also being developed. However, these communities were lied to about the conditions in the Arctic and the Inuit struggled to survive as they were not used to the different type of wilderness they were in. Furthermore, the League of Indians, which was formed in 1919, was prevented from being heard by Canadian officials when they tried to take their demands to Great Britain. Th...

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...ect to human rights since 1914; proven by the attitudes of European Canadians, acts of discrimination from the government, and the effects caused by the past still seen today. While efforts are made to recognize aboriginals in the present day such as National Aboriginal Day (June 21) and gaining the right to vote, it can never erase the permanent scars Canadian society has caused to aboriginals. Most of the First Nations people today are living in poverty and are suffering from bad health. "Why do you allow the first people of this land to endure and live in Third World conditions?" a indigenous, female student from Saskatoon asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau answered, "Quite frankly ... this is a stain and a scar upon, not just our sense of who we are and our morality as Canadians, but on the kind of country we need to be building," (Justin Trudeau).

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