Essay on Canadian's Aging Population

Essay on Canadian's Aging Population

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There is diversity among all Canadian, hence there is differences among the aging population. Not all seniors are aging well and have the appropriate programs and services to meet their needs. Some seniors are victims of abuse and some are living in isolation and poverty. Some seniors suffer from chronic illness and other socio-economic factors limit the amount of money they can put away for retirement. Hence these middle and low income elderly retirees will have to depend mainly on the pension plan that is offered between the age of 60- 65. The age of 60-65 is regarded in Canada as the age of retirement. This paper will focus mainly on the disadvantaged older populations. The disadvantaged older populations are those who are currently struggling financially, have or will suffer from a mental or physical impairment that which limit their ability to work and contribute much to the pension plan or personal savings for retirement. “Disadvantaged seniors are more likely to suffer from physical and mental impairment, approximately 9 percent of those between the age of 65 and 69 will require personal assistance for daily activities because of their limitation; at the age of 85 and over, about 50 percent require assistance”(Sue, D & Sue W, 2008). Most disadvantages retires will rely on the pension system to meet their day to day needs and to pay for personal assistance care.
After the First World War there were a growing number of fatherless families within Canada which left the family unit vulnerable. The federal government established a variety of charities to aid Canadian soldiers overseas and to provide relief to soldiers’ families. Gradually, income security was introduced to Canada. “McGilly (as cited in Chappell, 2006) stated ...

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...percentage points for those 35-54. This statistic can be interpreted as such; men and women are aware of the importance of retirement savings plan, but even with full-time jobs and the rising cost in the economic and meeting basic family needs they are unable to put aside money for old age. In contrast to the disadvantaged seniors who were on disability benefits, social welfare, and etcetera, what portion of saving could they possible put aside for retirement from the little they received.

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