Essay on Canadian Magazine Dispute On American Magazines

Essay on Canadian Magazine Dispute On American Magazines

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The US-Canadian magazine dispute seemingly originated in order to protect Canadian culture, however, it seems that as it progressed it ended up highlighting a more significant issue. It is valid that America has a considerable impact on a great deal of the world. Canada being in close proximity has allowed for US influence to reach them easily. Canadians did have a sense of urgency to preserve their culture, but it is also crucial to note that the American magazines were taking away from Canadian magazines ' business. I consider this to be an additional driving factor for Canadians to place duties on American magazines. In this way, more people would purchase the Canadian magazines thus boosting Canadian businesses and their economy.

I concur securing its financial interests was a crucial motivation for Canadians during the US-Canadian magazine dispute. Although 89% of all magazines sold in Canada are foreign, they do need to account for Canadian journalists and magazine companies. If American magazines displaying American cultures were to dominate magazine sales in Canada, it would indisputably take away and reduce the amount of income that Canadian magazines could profit from. By adding taxation on foreign magazines, Canada, in turn, made their domestic magazines cheaper in comparison for consumers to buy. In this way, they could potentially obtain improved sales. It is plausible that Canadian magazines urged the government to adopt particular laws and taxes to persuade Canadian consumers to buy their publications.

Due to the fact that Canadian magazines only compose a minute percentage of the magazine sales in Canada, I do not believe that they have a significant influence on Canadian culture. Magazines appear to be a metho...

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...written by Canadian writers and journalist, most topics or articles within the magazine would relate to Canadian events or people and cultures, and the magazine would be printed within Canada. All three of these requirements should be met in order for a magazine to qualify as a domestic magazine. In this way, one could ensure that the magazine is an authentic domestic product. A split-run magazine would be one that can be written in foreign markets, but has articles or commercials pertaining to the Canadian public. It would also be required for the magazine to be printed in Canada. In this way, one could obtain information about foreign cultures while still having some essence of Canadian culture and provide advertisements for Canadian businesses. They would allow Canadian consumers to still have access to Canadian goods and allow for Canadian printers to make money.

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