Canadian Immigration : Canada Is The Most Preferred Country For Immigration

Canadian Immigration : Canada Is The Most Preferred Country For Immigration

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Canadian Immigration
In recent years, Canada has become the most preferred country for immigration. Besides first nations, everyone or their ancestors have immigrated to Canada sometime during Canada’s history. “About 250,000 new permanent residents arrive to Canada yearly” [Knowles, Valerie]. Among all the G-8 countries, Canada has the highest immigration rate. Canada is a country constructed by immigrants, playing an elemental role in Canadian society. Immigration has a significant impact on Canadians, creating a welcoming diverse cultural society. Canadians express great support for immigration with the many vital benefits Canada gain from it. Although immigration brings many benefits to this country, few Canadians may not support immigration. Immigration has contributed to the creation and development of Canadian identity. Influencing Canadians perspective on the outside world, which allows them to either support or not support immigration.
Immigration plays a central role in Canadian society and identity. Canada is a country built by immigrants, therefore it relies on immigration to prosper and continue to develop as a country. Immigration is a key to Canada’s prosperity; it helps increase the creation of jobs and strengthens the economy. “The employment rate for Canadian immigrants in 2012 was the third highest in the OCFD” [Nixon, Gordon]. This statistic represents that immigrants are integrating their skills in the Canadian work force. Not do immigrants contribute to the Canadian work force, but also to in the educational field. “There are more than 50% of Canadian immigrants that are highly educated” [Nixon, Gordon]. Without immigration, sustaining the growth of the Canadian economy would be very difficult. With Ca...

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...ity. Canada has been established by the First nations and the European settlers, no single group can claim Canada to be theirs. Canada is a country built by immigrants, creating a welcoming and diverse environment. Immigration is a key to Canada’s prosperity, strengthening the economy and contributing to the multicultural society. This diverse society has influenced Canadians’ perspective on the outside world, learning and accepting other cultural practices and way of life. Although few Canadians may not support immigration, the vast majority do support immigration as it has benefited Canada in economic, social, and cultural aspects. “The search of a national identity is a journey without an end. It began long, long time ago. It will continue in to the far distant future.” (Lorrane Monk, editor, Canada the things we hold Dear: An album of photograph memories, 1999).

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