Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade Essay

Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade Essay

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This report analyses Canada’s economy applying macroeconomic concepts for past 20 years, for the possible investment in this country. Canada is located in the northern hemisphere above the United States, the scope of the country is 9,984670 square kilometers, which is 157,995 larger than United States (9,826,675 square kilometers). The official languages in Canada are; English and French. French is mainly used in Quebec. The estimate of the country’s population is 35,344,962. This country has immense source of natural resources and are economically and technologically advanced (Central Intelligence Agency, 2013). Agriculture, gas extraction, mining, manufacturing, oil and services make up the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) (Canada in the Making, 2002). Canada is a constitutional monarchy and federal parliamentary democracy which is collaborating with 3 territories and 10 provinces (Central Intelligence Agency, 2013). The country legal systems are; civil law from the French, which is used in Quebec and British common law for the rest (Parks Canada, 2009). Civil law is from the civil code by Roman law that French adopted that reviewed issues with private law. The British common law is enforced by the English in those places that they have colonized. This law is acknowledged as a guide, but can be revoked when government passes the new laws (Canada in the Making, 2002). The Canadian economy is significantly tied with the United States through the North America Free Trade Agreement (1994) which includes Mexico and Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (1988). The purpose of the agreements was to cut tariffs or remove it completely between the countries (Schott & Murry, 1988). Other than the trade agreements, g...

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