Canadian Efforts for Transgender Equality Essay

Canadian Efforts for Transgender Equality Essay

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Bill C-279 is an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code. It is sponsored by Randell Garrison from the NDP. This bill is introduced as a private members bill. This is an interesting fact because when a bill is introduced as a private members bill it is likely that they do not become legislation. Surprisingly this bill is in its second reading in Senate as of February 4th 2014. What this bill focuses on is to include gender identity as a prohibited ground of discrimination. Currently this bill has passed with 150 voters in favour of the bill and 132 against it. At this time Bill C-279 will be sent to the standing committee on Justice and Human Rights. Here it will be reviewed before being sent back to the House of Commons for its third reading. Although much attention has been brought to this bill by its advocates our conservative member Don Plett has an opposing opinion on Bill C-279. He claims that this bill will allow for perverts to take advantage of the law, this is a problem for him. Despite the concerns brought up by the various opposing groups and individuals, the Canadian civil Liberties association thinks differently. The CCLA states that Bill C-279 will act as an important deterrent against transphobic discrimination and hate crimes before they happen. They go on further and say that this bill will ensure that realties for Trans-people are adequately captured and protected under human rights as well as criminal code.

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What this paper will focus on is the fact that many individuals are viewing the inequality of transgender too closely and bypassing the importance of Canadian Citizens safety. Bill C-279fights to include transgender ass a valid “gender” protected under human rights, which wou...

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