Essay on Canadian Denial About the Environment

Essay on Canadian Denial About the Environment

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Is Canada a third world country? This question at first glance may appear obvious; however, if you look at our recycling, garbage generation, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions it becomes clear we are slipping from grace and into disaster. The problem is growing faster than our mindsets are changing. Unfortunately the public and the Government are in denial. Canadians seem to think if there is an abundance of something it can be wasted. Canadian is not doing nearly enough to improve the environment.

The largest shameful and damaging aspect of our denial is demonstrated by how our nation treats our water. Water is an extremely essential substance for humans and life as we know it. If Canada lost all its’ fresh water, our society simply could not survive. Regardless of these basic truths Canadians treat our vast amounts of water as though it could not be polluted. The water supply is becoming more polluted every year.

Our nation dumps one hundred and fifty billion litres of raw sewage into waterways every single year (Souza, 2012). This is deadly; unclean water at this magnitude is a spawning ground for bacteria and deceases. Not to mention destructive for aquatic habitats. The full consequence of this cannot be fully understood until you put into consideration what else is in human waste. There is potential for synthetic chemicals from medicine, plastic containers, and cosmetics.

According to Statistics Canada Nitrate and ammonia are released into the water at over 50,000 metric tons each per year (2013). These pollutants are particularly disconcerting. Nitrates are toxic in high doses and Ammonia causes respiratory ailments in its gaseous state (“Nitrates” 2014; “Ammonia” 2008). If contaminated water evaporates, th...

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...ries. They should if possible reduce any CO2 emissions. Then they could capture as much of the remaining as they ca. Then they should store or reuse the gases in other industry.

Ninety seven percent of climate scientists agree (NASA, n.d.) – not even done

The opposition says Canada’s economy cannot afford to take action against these threats; however they refuse to take several variables into consideration

In conclusion, Canadian is not doing enough to improve the environment. Daniel and an illusion of progress of Canadians have stifled real tangible progress. Our country is sliding towards a disaster. It is imperative that we improve our environmental impact. We can achieve this by ending unfiltered dumping in water, discourage industry waste, modernize our recycling system and our attitude, and by capturing or lowering greenhouse gas emissions. In the mean

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