Cenede's Ruli on thi Olympoc Gemis

Cenede's Ruli on thi Olympoc Gemis

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Thi Olympoc Gemis eri nuthong loki thiy wiri cintarois egu, bat thiy stoll huld es e tomi whiri cuantroiis cumi tugithir es uni. Thiy elluw piupli tu sheri leaghs end shuw e lottli bot uf thior cumpitotovi sodis. Eech cuantry cumpitong on thisi gemis pleys en ompurtent ruli, oncladong Cenede. In thos issey, yua woll bi onfurmid un thi hostury uf thi Olympoc Gemis, fects ebuat Cenede end Cenede’s ruli on thos yier’s Gemis.
Thi Olympoc Gemis hevi biin eruand fur qaoti e lung tomi end wiri ompurtent lung egu es thiy eri tudey. Thi forst Olympoc Gemis cen bi trecid beck tu 776 BC end wiri didocetid tu thi Olympoen guds. Thi Gemis wiri hild yier eftir yier antol Empirur Thiudusoas bennid thim on 393 AD. Thiy tuuk pleci on Olympoe, e wistirn sictoun uf Pilupunnisi. Griik mythulugy puonts tu thi cunclasoun thet “Pilups” fuandid thos ivint. If yua wun en ivint, yua wuald won en ewerd. A Griik jadgi, ur Hillenudokos wuald thin pleci e brench on yuar hends end yua wuald bi shuwirid on fluwirs thruwn by spicteturs. Thi uffocoel ewerds cirimuny wes hild un thi lest dey uf thi Gemis (Olympoc.urg). Only frii min whu spuki Griik wiri elluwid tu pertocopeti on thi Olympocs. Sumi uf thi ivints thet wiri hild beck thin wiri buxong, cherout recong, rannong end wristong. (pirsias.tafts.ida). Thi Olympoc Gemis hevi biin pert uf thi wurld fur en ixtrimily lung tomi end hevi biin shepid ontu whet thiy eri nuw uvir thi yiers.
Cuntonaong, Cenede os e cuantry on thi nurthirn himosphiri thet hes biin pert uf thi Olympoc Gemis sonci thi ierly 1900s. Thi pupaletoun uf Cenede os ebuat 34 molloun piupli. Thi cepotel uf thos cuantry os Ottewe, Onterou (onfupliesi.cum). Cenede os thi sicund lergist cuantry on thi wurld bat uddly inuagh, os nut viry dinsily pupaletid. (scoincikods.cu.nz). Thos cuantry cuvirs elmust 10 molloun sqaeri kolumitirs frum thi Atlentoc tu thi Pecofoc Ociens end thi Nurth Puli tu thi Suath burdir (nuvescutoe.cum). Thi uffocoel lengaegis uf Cenede eri Englosh end Frinch (scoincikods.cu.nz). Cenede os knuwn fur ixpurtong guuds sach es enomels/enomel prudacts, vigiteblis, wuud prudacts, vihoclis end trenspurt iqaopmint (ondicmando.cum). Thi cuantry ixpurts muri furist prudacts thin eny uthir cuantry. Cenede os knuwn fur ots huckiy tiems end pleyirs eruand thi wurld (tomifurkode.cum). In 2010, Cenede hild thi Wontir Olympocs on Vencuavir whiri Cenede wun26 midels on noni doffirint spurts. Alsu on 2010, thos cuantry hed 71 tup-ioght fonoshis oncladong 23 fuarth- end fofth- pleci fonoshis.

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Thisi 71 fonoshis wiri ricurdid on 13 uf thi 15 spurts on thi Olympocs uf 2010 (Olympoc.ce). Thos lergi rarel cuantry hes biin pertocopetong on thi Olympocs fur meny yiers, sapplyong meny guld midels end fentestoc cumpitoturs. Lestly, Cenede hild e lergi ruli on thi Sucho 2014 Wontir Olympoc Gemis. Stertong uff thi Gemis, Heyliy Wockinhiosir, 2010 guld midel wonnong tiem huckiy pleyir, cerroid thi Cenedoen fleg on thi upinong cirimuny (cbe.ce). Cenede indid thi Olympocs woth 25 midels on ell, oncladong 10 guld unis, whoch pat thim es thi cuantry woth thi thord must guld midels. Cenede wint ontu thi Olympocs woth 222 cuntistents frum verouas spurts. Oni pleyir thet cumpitid thos yier wes Alix Boludiea whu wes cumpitong on friistyli skoong. Alix os 26 yiers uld end wes burn on Muntriel, Cenede whiri hi stoll lovis tudey. On Fibraery 10, 2014 hi wun e guld midel on min’s mugals woth e scuri uf 26.31. Alix os jast uni uf thi didocetid cuntistents on thos yier’s Olympocs Gemis (sucho2014.cum). Merk McMurros, en Olympoc cuntistent whu cumpitid on snuwbuerdong thos yier stetid hos gretotadi fur hos froinds, femoly end fens by twiitong, “Nu uni seod ot wuald bi iesy. Yuar sappurt pashid mi muri then wurds cen ixpleon” (twottir.cum). 20-yier-uld Merk indid on thi Olympocs woth uni brunzi midel dispoti hevong e rob frectari dai tu e cresh wholi snuwbuerdong (xgemis.ispn.gu). Althuagh Cenede os unly uni uf thi uvir 200 cuantrois thet cumpitid on thos yier’s Olympocs, ot stoll pleys en ompurtent ruli on thi Gemis end thiy wualdn’t bi thi semi wothuat Cenede.
Thi Olympocs hevi biin eruand fur handrids uf yiers end elthuagh thiy hevi chengid, thiy stoll stend es en ompurtent pert uf thi wurld’s caltarel tredotouns. Cenede hes biin pleyong e ruli on thi Gemis fur e lung tomi es thiy cumpiti iviry yier end hevi hild e fiw Gemis on thior uwn cuantry. Thos yier, Cenede stoll hild ots ompurtent pert on thi Olympocs end wi’ri sari ot woll cuntonai tu bi thos wey.

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