Essay about Canada´s Great Government System

Essay about Canada´s Great Government System

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Since the founding of Canada in 1867, Canada has been a stable country that is an example of a great government system. The Fathers' confederation did a great job setting up a federal system of government, institution and process that is led by and written by the constitution, that could stand the test of time. No institution, process or government is the perfect and will make its citizen happy all the time, but many of the institutions, and processes of the Government have proven themselves to be durable and have withstand the test of time. However, there are process and institutions that I would like to change, I would like to change the senate and the process that appoint senators, and I would also like to add a nomination process with confirmation hearing to the appointment of a federal judges. Even though the governance in Canada has remained the same for the past 146 years, and is a stable form of government, institution, and processes, I believe like all things there is move for improvement in some areas of the institution and processes.
When the father's of confederation were forming this country they had a choose what style of government Canada would be . The 3 most common choice that they could have picked from is Unitary System, Confederate System and Federal System . The unitary system, is where the central government has all the power and the lower of government, the provinces would have no power. All laws must be create and implement by and at the federal level, an example of this is the United Kingdom. The confederate system is where the lower level of government have more power than the federal government. An example of the confederate system is that of the ...

... middle of paper ... from government interference.
For the most part I like the Judicial branch and I would not change that this position from being an appointment. However, I would preferre to see the appointment candidates to go through a nomination process with confirmation hearing similar to the what the United States of American Supreme court Candidates do. I think confirmation hearings is a way to the allow for vetting of the supreme court candidate and would help make the supreme court feel more like an appointment of parliament and rather then an appointment from the Prime Minister.
Every government is complex and the Government of Canada is no different. However, Canada has one of the most stable forms of government in the world. This stability is thanks to the federal system, the Canadian constitution and the processes that are used every day.

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