Essay on Canada Vs. United States Health Care

Essay on Canada Vs. United States Health Care

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Canada vs United States Health Care

President Obama promised to all americans that they would finally have an opportunity to obtain or purchase health insurance in the United States for the first time and for those that already had insurance he promised to them that they would be able to keep the insurance they already had and it would not increase because of Obama Care. After the passing of Obama Care the only truth was that americans could purchase health care but other than that the rest were lies. People that already had insurance plans some of their plans went up and some plans even got dropped because of Obama Care. Many americans now ask themselves why do they have to suffer and pay more for health insurance when they did nothing wrong? The majority of the Republican party are against Obama Care because they do not believe they need to help people get health insurance. People need to fight and make the right decisions to get health insurance if they desire it. Why is it that many that make good decisions have to pay for the people who make bad decisions? Obama Care has created layoffs in companies, higher prices for health insurance policies that companies have to pay for their employees and less quality care for the everyone involved. In 2014 when Obama Care went into effect there were over 50 million people in the United States without health coverage and now three years later there are still over 30 million people in the United States that does not have health care. ( Maria ) Obama Care is still a step in the right direction though because it now allows anyone to obtain health coverage that wants it. Lastly another down side to Obama Care is that ...

... middle of paper ... that citizens do not have to go through a greedy insurance company when seeking treatment. Not dealing with insurance companies also means less paperwork and no cross-agency communication. The public healthcare system is definitely the friendliest system for a country’s citizens (Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare).
Private healthcare is the system used by the United States. The system is a capitalist concept that focuses around healthcare being an industry rather than a necessity. The private system does have its benefits. The system motivates companies to discover new medicines and treatments. Also. the system makes receiving treatment quick and efficient. Lastly the private system inspires competition which forces practices to constantly improve. Though many citizens cannot afford private health care, those who can enjoy the best possible experience (Clark).

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