Essay about Canada 's The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Essay about Canada 's The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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During the month of October, Canada’s political scene was very busy due to the 2015 federal election held on the 19th. Throughout the previous months, the public held great interest towards the campaigns of each party as well as their platforms in order to choose the party that the public wanted as the new government of Canada. In the campaigns, a major topic that was included in every party’s plan was the Syrian refugee crisis that is currently an issue in many countries around the globe. This crisis has taken the media by storm and is a concern for many citizens in Canada. As a country known to be peaceful and generous, many people would assume that Canada would be one of the first to step in and help those in need but that is not the case. The general population does not know that the current laws in place make becoming a refugee in Canada a long and unfair process. Acquiring refugee status in Canada, protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, health care for refugees and the current stance of Canada in regards to the refugee crisis are all factors that the general public must be more aware about. The current laws regarding refugees of Canada must change.
According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, refugee is a term applied to anyone who is outside his/her own country and cannot return due to the fear of being persecuted on the basis of race, religion, nationality, membership of a group or political opinion. Many “refugees” that the media and the general public refer to today are known as internally displaced persons, which are people forced to flee their homes to avoid things such as armed conflict, generalized violations of human rights or natural and non-natural disasters. These two groups are distinctly different but fall ...

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...meframes and being subjected to arbitrary detention. Even after coming to Canada, the refugees must suffer under the healthcare system and fight for necessary medications. Canada is not doing all it can to help those who are in most need. The mass majority of the population of Canada does not understand the current laws in place regarding the refugees. These unfair, unreasonable and morally unaccepting laws must change to better the society of Canada. It is a country internationally known to be a peacekeeper, a friend, and a nation of many nationalities; called a mosaic for its accepting culture and diversity. Therefore, this cruel, discriminatory and immoral way of treating the refugees of the world is a disgrace and dishonour for the nation of Canada. Canada must improve to live up to the expectations of other countries and keep the dignity and pride of the nation.

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