Canada 's Leading Metal Fabrication Company Essay

Canada 's Leading Metal Fabrication Company Essay

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Ancol Ltd. is Canada’s leading metal fabrication company. This case study is focused on the Jonquiere, Quebec plant which is the smallest of Ancol’s 15 operations across Canada. This plant has approximately 250 production employees. Paul Simard is hired as the new manager at Ancol Ltd in Jonquiere, Quebec.
Seeing a tense relationship between employees and management, Paul Simard, wanted to find a way to improve the relationship between them. His opinion, after taking a seminar on building trust in the workplace, was that if a valid degree of trust could be met between employees and management, then it would build a preferred working environment, lessen stress, and raise work productivity. His first move to create this trust was to remove the time clocks to allow employees to work openly, while management would trust that the employees will come and go on time.
• 5% of employees started to show up late, leave early, or take extended lunch two months after the removal of the time clocks.
• Supervisors are in short ...

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