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Canada 's Law On Guns Essay

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“In 2011, the U.S. population was approximately 312 million, and the country had 11,000 homicides from firearms. In the same year, Canada’s population was approximately 34 million and 158 gun-related homicides. That’s roughly 1 death for every 28,000 people in the United States vs. 1 death for every 215,000 people in Canada. The United States owns more firearms than any country in the world — 270 million of them as of 2011. ” (Washington post, 2015)
There should be gun control in America, mass shootings compared to other countries and statistics, and how America could try to adopt Canada’s law on guns. Guns have become an issue in modern day USA. Many Americans cannot part with the gun culture or have the desire to change the laws. Most Americans say that the government should stay in its place and not meddle with their rights, but I beg to differ and argue that not everyone possess the knowledge or proper mental health. Liberals and Conservatives have two different opinions the Liberals say that guns should be banned and the Conservatives say that it is the American people right to protect themselves. As a modern day culture America needs to reevaluate what guns should be permitted in the general public arms and which ones should be in the law enforcement hands as well as the military. America should have a stricter gun control policy in the near future. It is in the best interest of the culture and brings peaceful prosperity with stricter gun control laws. America will be able to take back its streets from gangs as well as pointless shootings that kill innocent people. The law will also help prevent school shootings and mass shootings. By stepping up security and making it harder to smuggle guns in cargo into the US . However ...

... middle of paper ... who had a fully automatic weapon had to have it registered and converted to a semi-automatic. America should follow their neighbor and adopt their gun control law and help take back the streets of their country and make it a safer and better place for their families.
There should be gun control in America, mass shootings compared to other countries and statistics, and how America could try to adopt Canada’s law on guns. As a society and modern day civilization the American people should come together and adopt the Canadian Gun control law. Think of how many people will benefit from this and how much you will stop worrying about your child growing up on dangerous streets and how you will not worry about your child going off to college. So please stand up for change and get your streets back as well as your cities. What will you do America? The clock is ticking!

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