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Canada has gone through and continues to go through a dramatic and systematic change with regards to its political, societal and economical aspirations. This change is not just domestic but also global in its scope, brought on by the advent of a paradigm shift from Keynesianism to that of neoliberalism. Although I believe that this transition has been largely beneficial to the world, there are others, namely unions, some feminists and religious groups that dispute this based on diametrically different perspectives, to that of my own. I will however conclude that these different perspectives are the result, of the relative nature of paradigms. For a new paradigm may solve problems susceptible to the old paradigm, but may also cause problems that were once solved (Browett 1985 p. 790). In this regard I can agree that the transition to neoliberalism from Keynesianism has indeed affected some social classes more than others. Thus the groups that are affected may see neoliberalism as detrimental, causing these individuals to miss the old Keynesian paradigm, referring to that particular period as a “golden age” compared to the neoliberal era, which seems to be characterized as the equivalent to the medieval dark ages.
Neoliberalism is seen as a; blight upon the world, by its detractors. The core aspect of the neoliberal paradigm is based on neoclassical policies of open and free markets, thus things like free trade and capital flight are the driving force of the ideology, that the market should be free. Critics to this policy say that free trade and capital flight allows Multinational Corporation to “transcend the nation state”, meaning that capitalism is increasingly international and not confined to a particular nation or territory...

... middle of paper ... I think that as neoliberalism spreads economic prosperity to all flung corners of the world it will also spread democracy with it, for many individuals will have greater say due to increased spending power; problem is that many developed nations may lose some democracy, for the economic elite will have consolidated their power with the increased economic disparity. The only solution to this I believe must be an international law, of a rather hefty death tax to eliminate billionaires and thus destroy the cohesiveness that that particular group of individual derive their power as outlined by (Pintich p.185). This coupled with international will to break apart monopolies and or pursue cartels with criminal activity. If these rather unlikely steps are taken then I gather that democratic principles can be upheld and greater distribution of wealth can be achieved.

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