Canada: Globalization and Sustainable Development Essay

Canada: Globalization and Sustainable Development Essay

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The occurrence of globalization, sustainable development, and the ecological footprint are all seemingly connected in today’s environmental capacities. To further understand these environmental processes, one must divulge into these individual environmental concepts to properly understand their facilitations. Furthermore, according to professor Vamvakas “a major theme of Sustainable development is the alternative to the destruction of the world environment by the economic imperative of globalization” (Vamvakas, 2014).
The topic of sustainable development has been a pressing and sustainable issue pertaining to environmental politics for several decades. The federal government of Canada has acknowledged the issue of globalization and sustainable development as a significant threat to the longevity of Earth’s resources. The Canadian government has formally identified the notion of sustainable development as “meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. It is about improving the standard of living by protecting human health, conserving the environment, using resources efficiently and advancing long-term economic competitiveness. It requires the integration of environmental, economic and social priorities into policies and programs and requires action at all levels - citizens, industry, and governments” (COG, 2014). Conversely, several political and environmental scientists continuously challenge the theory of future sustainable development and whether or not it is achievable. Referring back to professor Vamvakas lecture; she outlines several positive and negative features about the world’s “ecosystems, developments and humanities continuing dependence on nature” (Vamvakas, 2014). Thus, leads us to t...

... middle of paper ..., outlining the important link between the ecological footprint theory and sustainable development. The goal of each of these facilitations is to protect future generations from sever resource depletion and extinction. With the conceptual link between the ecological footprint theory and sustainable development, the goal for future generations would be easily defeated. In an era of selfish individualism the environmental link between the ecological footprint and sustainable development looks to implement a set of checks and balances to establish that large corporations and wealthy individuals do not continuously threaten the longevity of earth’s natural resources. The link binding sustainable development and the ecological footprint is evident and extremely important for the preservation of earth’s natural resources and security for society’s future generations.

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