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Canada and the Netherlands Essay

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Though the events of the past certainly have a direct influence on the world today. The ardent relationship that lies between Canada and the Netherlands can be referenced to the pretentious days nearing the end of the Second World War. Where Canada had played a significant role as liberators in Holland during this misfortunate time. Canada had provided the Dutch Royal Family with a safe haven. Canadians fought battles through France, Belgium, the Scheldt, and Germany before being sent back to the Netherlands.

Canadian forces played a vital role in the liberation of Holland. The Canadian soldiers who landed on D-Day fought many battles through France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the Scheldt. The Canadians were given orders to advance the German troops occupying the northeast back to the sea and to constrain German troops in the west to recede back into Germany. “No part of Western Europe was liberated at a more vital moment than the Netherlands and the Dutch people cheered Canadian troops as one town after another was freed.” For a numerous amount of months, the citizens of Holland had been starving along side of having their country at stake of flooding depending on if the Germans decided to open the dikes. On April 28, 1945, the Canadians had negotiated a truce, which granted the admittance of relief supplies to enter the western Netherlands and end the Hunger Winter. The Hunger Winter of 1944-45 was a devastating time for the Dutch people. Many people were forced to rely on tulip bulbs, having no alternative, just to try and survive as food supplies were squandered and transportation was non-existent due to the fact that fuel was suppressed. “By 1945, the official daily ration per person in the Netherlands was ...

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