Canada and Its Global Military Status Essay

Canada and Its Global Military Status Essay

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During the early 1900s Canada was a newly developed country under British influence, lacking self identity and was ignored by the world superpowers. However, Canada began to change that by turning from isolationism to internationalism and started to grow into a respected world power. Canada became a well respected country for its involvement around the world and its influence on other countries. Also, Canada became renowned for its involvement in the Great War, World War II, the Korean War and their many peacekeeping missions. Canada’s world power first came into existence when they became involved in the Great War; this gave them recognition and with that they began to have major influences in the world. The following paragraphs will elaborate on how Canada developed its military and peace keeping abilities to gain recognition on the world’s center stage.

Canada’s first involvement in international events started with World War I, where Canadians came together for the first time as one nation. Many great battles of World War I were fought by Canadian forces which helped place Canada in the center stage of the world with the other superpowers. One of the major battles fought by Canadians is the battle of Ypres where Canadians gained their reputation as warriors as their held their line against the ferocious German gas attacks. Germans released many deadly cylinders of chlorine gas into the wind towards no-mans land causing French soldiers to gasp for air and eventually run away. However, under the odds of the gas attack Canadian troops held their ground against the Germans (Cook, 1969, pg 167). Using water soaked or even urine soaked handkerchiefs held over their mouths and noses they fended off the gas attack by the Germans...

... middle of paper ... Canadians the proud identity as the world’s peacekeepers in preventing war and suffering. All these examples helped to form Canada’s identity and the reason why Canada is one of the world’s most respected countries.

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