Canada, A Country Known For Its Peace And Syrup Essays

Canada, A Country Known For Its Peace And Syrup Essays

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Canada, a country known for its peace and syrup has an unfortunate and gruesome past. The Norse people where the first settlers to land in what is Newfoundland. The French led the charge against the British for what was at the time new France. Then Canada became independent with all countries and raised its own culture. Even with the British being a minor part of Canadian culture they left some imprints on the country.
Canada was home to many natives including the Algonquin, Iroquois, Huron, and Inuit tribes(Gale Encyclopedia of World History: Governments). The tribes never fought with each other and lived in peace trading.Tribes did not change when the vikings arrived. Vikings landed in canada before the europeans, but with minor settlements that did not last. The Vikings were the first to land in most areas but with no major impact on the culture or the life(Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nation). They Settled in a place that is now Newfoundland and lived in peace with the Natives before slowly vanishing into history. The French made a living in canada with the fur trades(Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nation ). The traders allied with the natives, so they can get coin and the natives can live with furs. The alliance would later come in handy. Relationships between Indians and Europeans had involved the French and British Crowns, who began negotiating Indian treaties as early as the 1600s.(Early Relationship between Canadian Indians and European Ruling Bodies). The British could only build small treaties because they treated the natives like common rabble. The natives would also side with the French in the wars to come. Between 1608 and 1756 about 10,000 French settlers arrived in Canada. In 1663 New France became a ...

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...xteen to help his mother care for his siblings. he grew up during the great depression and was working several jobs to support his family. he joined the military during World War 2 in the Canadian Navy and fought along side the republicans during the Spanish civil war.
In Conclusion the British only had a minor influence on the Native culture. It was more so the French that influence their culture by trading with the in the 1700’s or to today 's standards with them have French as a native tongue. The Canadians still use the British currency while also celebrating French Holidays such as dollar day or box day. so today 's canadian .culture was influenced by both the french and the british but the French stuck with them more thanv the British Because of how nice the french treated the natives and learned to trade with them fairly and without the use of military force.

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