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Essay Canad The Great White North

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Canada, also known as the “Great White North” is the second largest country in the world with a rich history located North America. Canada was originally inhabited by the Aboriginal people who crossed the Bering land bridge. The Aboriginals called this land “Kanata,” meaning “village.” These people would later be known as “Indians," named by the first explorers who mistakenly thought they were in the East Indies.
In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier captured two Aboriginals who led them to what would be present day Québec. For lack of another name, Cartier used the word “Canada.” The French continued to explore the vast land. The French would soon start colonization of Canada and forged new alliance with various Native tribes. One nation of Indians, the Iroquois did not welcome the French colonization. By 1616, the entire region was known as New France, areas along the St. Lawrence River and the Hudson Bay where still known as Canada. The Iroquois and other allied Indian nations would fight the French and their Indian allies for nearly a hundred years. They would finally make peace in 1701.
Slavery was also born of this conflict. Although Canada did have African slaves, the majority of the slaves were local Indians who were typically captured by warring tribes and traded to the European settlers. Slavery continued throughout the 1700’s. The buying and selling of slaves was prohibited 1807 by British parliament. In 1833, slavery was completely abolished throughout the region. Canada would become a refuge for runaway slaves escaping the United States. A Christian anti-slavery network, famously known as “The Underground Railroad” would use the “North Star” to bring thousands of escaping slaves to Can...

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...ts economy. After the World War 2, Canada primarily focused on manufacturing consumer goods and increasing the quality of life of its citizens. Canada created a national healthcare system and pension plans for workers. Canada strengthened its trade relationship with America by signing in new trade agreements to help grow its economy.
Canada’s identity has withstood the test of time. Although it is a country born of immigrants, it has maintained its own identity. Immigrants who arrived in Canada throughout history seem to all have the same idea. They sought a better life than the one that they once knew. Canada maintains its identity no matter what the circumstance. A place for anyone to call home. Canada holds the pride of her heritage, the strength of her friendships, the beauty of her land, and the love of her people, and with these things, she is rich.

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