Can You Hear Me Now? Essay

Can You Hear Me Now? Essay

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Can you Hear me Now?
It feels like I have left the house without my shoes. How could I have forgotten! It’s just lying there, on the counter, I know it is. Should I go back for it? I’ll be late. What if I need it? For the rest of the night, I keep reaching in my pocket for it, only to have yet another, heart attack, as I remember that I had left my cell phone at home. Do I really look at that damn thing so much? I must have reached for it at least two dozen times by now. What is so important that I need to check it that often anyway? Weather? Yup, still cloudy with a chance of showers, it’s April. Any new emails in the last 12 minutes? Better toss those ProFlowers ads in the trash. A clean email is a happy email. What’s everyone on Facebook doing? I know I would just die if I didn’t find out that Jessica’s’ baby just learned to roll over! Oh, and they’re having tacos for dinner. I’m in a room full of people, my actual friends, who got up, put themselves together and dragged their butts out of the house to go do something real, in the big, wide world and I can’t stop twitching for my forgotten phone, like a smoker after a long flight. Really, I’m not alone. Nearly half of the people here keep their heads obediently dropped, tethered to their digital lives.
This is where it all happens now. In a chat room, via text, email or blog. We share ourselves or make connections but it’s not like before. Is it just me or has the invention of the text message completely annihilated common curtesy? What happened to no calls before or after nine? I am subject to the whims of all my contacts now. Drunk dialing is so much easier when you don’t have to remember a person’s seven digit number and then, more importa...

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... kids who are supposed to be playing outside? What happened to tag, dodgeball, hopscotch, cops and robbers and four square? You know what my kid wants to play? Angry birds. Why did I show him that game! I would even prefer a video game at this point, at least he would be using more than one finger.
I am still out with my friends, we talk, we laugh, we drink, and I secretly mourn the absence of my smart, electronic friend. As I walk in my front door, I am joyously reunited with my true love, my phone. And look! I still have battery left! Snuggling into my warm blanket, I assume the position, sideways and start scrolling. Ahh sweet bliss. I have never been so content to look at pictures of a backyards that could be mine, clothes that would never look good on me but look great on that leggy model and recipes that I will definitely pin and never make.

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