Can You Cite The Preamble? Essay

Can You Cite The Preamble? Essay

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Can You Cite The Preamble?
When people awoke on a hot summer day in June the least likely thing they expected to see when they turned on the morning new was “BREAKING NEWS: Federal Government Has Been Spying On Us”. Immediate threat spread across the United States. Questions spilled out like a dam holding too much water. People were enraged, uncertain, and hostile. Yes, he said/she said news that the government has been watching our every move is quite concerning. But what I find even more concerning is the pressing fact that the entire United States was up in arms after the mention of surveillance. That stands true today, [Americans are uneducated in the job description of National Defense which leads to selfish behavior and ignorant thoughts that the government is impeding on our privacy.]
The Constitution states three main things about the responsibility of the federal government for national defense. One being, National Security/Defense is the only absolute priority job of the federal government. “Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution lists 17 separate powers that are granted to the Congress. Six of those powers deal exclusively with the national defense—far more than any other specific area of governance-and grant the full range of authorities necessary for establishing the defense of the nation as it was then understood.” (Talent) That being said those who have not done themselves the gift of studying the United States Constitution and what it says about the federal government’s responsibility to provide for the common defense would greatly benefit.
Secondly, most all powers given to Congress are forbearing. Meaning congress is given certain jurisdiction but not mandated by the constitu...

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... In conclusion, it is of dire need that Americans know the true inescapable duty of the federal government for the common defense before crying wolf. Talent said “Most Americans had to memorize the preamble to the Constitution when they were children, so they are aware that one of the purposes of the document was to “provide for the common defense.” (Talent) In a recent study only 13 percent of Americans knew that the Constitution was signed in 1787 and only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government the Constitution created. Reiterating my argument that Americans are uneducated in not only today 's government but also in what America was founded on.

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