Essay about Can You Achieve The American Dreams?

Essay about Can You Achieve The American Dreams?

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To Achieve “The American Dreams”
People usually do not have a concrete plan for their future, so they do not know what direction they are going to take; it is so difficult for people to set themselves up for success when they have no real support system put in place. They often have negative people around them that will bring them down, too, which will lead to a lack of motivation, and this will set them up for failure, especially when they set goals that are not clear enough or realistic. People are usually not motivated or disciplined enough, use too many excuses, and get overwhelmed by obstacles, causing them to fail.
People need to think intelligently and set goals that are specific to their needs, making it possible to achieve their goals by making sure they are measurable and realistic and making it possible to build a support system around them; furthermore, they also need to set a deadline with time frames that can be met. Chanika Charles stated that “young people are at risk of being gobbled up by despair, overcome by conditions beyond their control” (A17). To avoid this, people need to start motivating themselves and getting excited about what they want to achieve, making sure their goals are relevant to their needs and being more perseverance when situations become difficult. When setting up their goals, they must ask that magic question: is this relevant to my lifestyle, furthermore, what will I do to achieve it?

People tend to create excuses and do not expose themselves around positive people that would enchant their creativity or help them vanquish a moment where they feel a trigger that will spark awe-inspiring event that will catapult them in the right direction. Eventually, become loathsome in self-pity, were t...

... middle of paper ...’s human nature, that survival is built into our system to want to keep going and pushing on. If a person falls into an ocean, his or her first response is to start trying to keep his or her head above the surface of water. He or she does not stop treading water for that person knows he or she will drown and eventually die. If people just realize that if they do not push forward and keep on track, they will surely drown in their own misery.
People also need to stop listening to other people who will only discourage them and divert them from the truth. While it is unavoidable that people want to see others do well and not try to discourage their dreams from coming true. Staying focused on goals, specifically the large ones that truly count and the ones that are a suitable purpose in life, needs to be given more dedication with knowledge that this is worth pursuing.

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