Can Work Addiction Lead to Death? Essay

Can Work Addiction Lead to Death? Essay

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Can work addiction lead to death? Many people don’t consider workaholics as people with addiction. In an article by Ellen Goodman, she highlights a dark side, of a workaholic’s life; “The Company Man” explains the life of Phil a man that literally worked himself to death. He lost his contact with his family, and his social life, and eventually his life. The fifty one years old in Goodman’s article was deeply into his job that he didn’t have a life other than his work, his work was taking over all of his time that he didn’t have a real relationship with his wife or kids, even his weekends were all about his job. However, he did get something out of all that time at work, he was the vice president of the company he worked for. In his mind he was a hard workingman, but in reality he was a workaholic.

What is Workaholism? Many people don’t consider work addiction as a problem, and they confuse it with hard working. The meaning of Workaholism is when a person values work over any other activity, even when it negatively affects the person’s health and family as well as the quality of work. On the other hand hard working people find time to spend with their families, and take care of their health, and wellbeing. Although many people don’t think that workaholism has any real danger on their lives; however, it can lead to: stress, bad health, and over working, but in realty people do work themselves to death.

To identify workaholics we need to recognize work addiction:

Workaholics always in a rush and super busy

Workaholics play the control game the never ask for help

Nothing is ever perfect for workaholics

Work comes first then everything else

Workaholics are restless and they don’t have a social...

... middle of paper ...

...only Phil didn’t exercise he didn’t have a good diet as well, he always ate egg salad sandwiches at his desk. All off these elements ruined his health.

Over working is one of the biggest reasons that identify workaholics, Phil used to working all the time including weekends, and with a person like Phil that had an addiction to work he would be considered as a Type A workaholic. All of Phil’s problems happened because of his over working in Goodman’s article she talked about his work habits “He worked six days a week, five of them until eight or nine at night”.

As we can see workaholism that seems to be not dangerous, can lead to some self-distractive issues. To sum up, people should pay more attention to their work environment and habits, they should have sufficient amount of rest and free time in order to avoid workaholism related dangers.

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