Essay about Can Women Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Sacrifices?

Essay about Can Women Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Sacrifices?

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Women have long been considered the child breeders and homemakers in society, but in recent decades that has changed; women are becoming more economically independent by entering the work force rather than taking on the role of a housewife. Even though women are changing the workforce in today’s corporate America, they still lack the confidence that men –who work in the same fields- up hold for themselves. In today’s society very few women have taken the initiative to compete for that leading position in corporate America, thus, the question of whether women can up hold the same corporate positions as men with or with out their attitude and confidence? Can women become CEOs and leading business women with out having to sacrifice the needs of their biological clocks?
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook-one of the larges social media sites of this generation-and author of “Lean In”, encourages women to take charge and change the stereotypes that women cant have it all if they reach for that level of the corporate latter. In an interview with Elizabeth Vargas from “Nightline ABC” , Sandberg expresses that “women have been 14% of top jobs in corporate America for 10 years”, that has not changed; and when asked about ambition and its association to women , Sandberg goes on to say “the word ambitious for women is bad, for men is great”. Sheryl Sandberg has always felt lucky about the opportunities she’s had and the resources she has had and /or still has at her disposal. For Sandberg it is sad to see the struggle many women face when trying to become leaders, whether they should “choose between likeability and leadership”.
According to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000, “women hold 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.5% of Fortune 1...

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...their position, but reality says it differently; women are the moms, the breadwinners, the soldiers, fighters; they work 9 to 5 hours a day and still manage to keep the household at float.
Although, women still have a long way to go before wages become of equal pay for both male and female, most women have created a name for themselves by not apologizing for what they can do. Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer are perfect examples of empowered women who did not seem to have sacrificed a family for a job, on the contraire; these women have been an inspiration to other working mothers in search for the next opportunity to become a leader in there own field. There are a great deal of single mothers who need the encouragement to move forward and “Lean In” in order to achieve success. For these women it is not only a struggle but a motivation for a brighter future.

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