Essay on Can We Fix It?

Essay on Can We Fix It?

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Can We Fix it? Yes We Can!
“Earth is losing mammal species 20 to 100 times the rate of the past. Extinctions are happening so fast, they could rival the event that killed the dinosaurs in as little as 250 years,” says sarah Kaplan of the Washington Post. Scientists are in agreement, we are teetering on the sixth mass extinction and humans are the cause of this round. Due to the destruction of forests, pollution of the ocean and freshwater sources alike, over hunting, over fishing, and mass amounts of CO2 produced by the human population we are destroying the earth that sustains us.
The reality is if we keep at the current pace we are going to ultimately destroy ourselves. Changes are slowly happening to counteract this damage, however. People have taken an interest in solar and wind power as a means to reduce pollution. Conservation efforts have brought back some endangered species from the brink of extinction. Some of the most well-known creatures that have successfully rebounded thanks to the Endangered Species Act. Humans have successfully saved the Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bear, and Gray Wolf from their demise. Despite the current tools and success stories scientists concluded we are borrowing from the future generations, and we’re losing more and more species unnecessarily with every passing day. What other options do we have?
While continuing to develop responsible environmental living and conservation techniques, there’s another tool humans can utilize, cloning technology. Before deciding what is best for the future, it is important to understand how we got to where we are today. According to the award winning senior journalist of Scientific American, “Since 1500 we have killed off at least 322 types of animals, including the ...

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...achieved with, for example, ungulates would remove that particular argument.”
With a solid push from the scientific community we could see vast improvements in the success rate of cloning and population increases. With the proper regulations and laws put in place to protect plants, animals, and people in regards to cloning, there’s no doubt it can be both successful and beneficial. Humans can use all available tools together to reverse the negative impact of pollution, disease, and poaching. There is no silver bullet to solving this world crisis and halting the sixth known mass extinction to our planet. Cloning has the power to assist in this optimistic endeavor and give us the boost we need to take control of the chaos we have caused. Humans have the intelligence to foresee the impending disaster and the solution is right at our fingertips all we have to do is try.

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