Can Video Games Really Improve Learning? Essay

Can Video Games Really Improve Learning? Essay

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The common stance toward video games is that they lead to seclusion, anti-social behaviors, obesity, and even sometimes violent crimes; however, video games today can benefit many gamers. They can improve learning, promoting physical activity, and benefit the brain, as well as create a positive social environment. There are even video games that are used to train our armed forces as well as games that get people that live in nursing homes up and moving.
Can video games really improve learning? The answer to this question is yes. According to an article by Kathleen McAuliffe, Neurochemicals that reinforce learning are made active by novelty, attention to detail and achieving goals. These are all common features in video games. These features could give gamers a learning advantage over someone who doesn’t partake in gaming. Both Katherine Walker and Micah Issitt stress that many games today even contain educational elements Players may be required to evaluate different challenges and strategize to gain an edge over another player. Some may also use historically accurate events to tell their plots. By working with the gaming community, educators could help create more historically accurate information into these types of games.
Video games today can even improve critical thinking. Rhea R. Borja states that educational games have a large potential to improve critical thinking, help teach academic curricula, and examine what students learn. Though, it’s unlikely that schools will start investing in videogame as a form of teaching some educators are using video games as a learning tool (Video Game Play May). This quote by Don Blake perfectly sums up most opinions on education video game research: “All the research done and millions ...

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