Can Traditional Marriages Survive Within An Egalitarian Workplace? Essay

Can Traditional Marriages Survive Within An Egalitarian Workplace? Essay

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Can traditional marriages survive in an egalitarian workplace? In their article on the subject, Christine E. Stanik, Susan M. McHale, and Ann C. Crouter, all researchers at Pennsylvania State University, found that in some cases egalitarianism can be compartmentalized, and that the workplace does not have to affect the home (Stanik, McHale, and Crouter 797). In those certain cases, traditional marriage and marital love should be thriving as our society adapts to a new era. In an article published by Administrative Science Quarterly, Sreedhari Desai and his coworkers research shows that most strong traditional marriages will be affected negatively by a shift of egalitarianism at work (Desai et al. 351). This means bad news for marriage, because the fight for equality continues on, and as it continues, marriage as an idea begins to die out. Desai and his team found that even in cases where a single man, who has worked in an egalitarian office, enters a traditional marriage, his outlook on the workplace changes negatively (Desai et al. 351). With the evidence surrounding it, traditional marriage backs into a corner. Marriage needs a template to survive, and egalitarianism in society tears that template apart.
The second cause of the decline of marriages stems from the major shift in both a traditional family, and the traditional household. According to Desai and his team, separations of labor determines a marriage. They found that the traditional separation of labor included women working in the home, while men go out and become the breadwinners of the family (Desai et al. 331). These traditional values are often times considered to be sexist. Sabino Kornrich, a researcher at the Juan March Institute in Madrid, et al. f...

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...ft in it, and it seems there is a chance for a revival. As Nock described it, marriage is the only social answer to dependency and, at the moment, society has no other template to live by (Nock 261). Unless cohabitation can take hold permanently and find its own template, marriage will still be the institution people turn to when they become dependent of another. For the sake of Holy Matrimony, the decline of marriage needs to be treated carefully. Whether society focuses on marriages now, educating children, or both, hope is still present. When vows are made, they should be made with conviction. The words, ‘till death do us part’ need to be taken seriously. Personally, I still believe in traditional marriage. I will not live my life running in fear of divorce. Instead, I will hope for a better tomorrow, and do my best to learn from the mistakes of today.

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