Can the Obama Administration Result in Success? Essay

Can the Obama Administration Result in Success? Essay

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Abstract: In order for one to rate the progress of the Obama administration, you must begin with an honest view of his entrance into office. The President came into office on the promises of change, and some very lofty ideas. He also came into an office plagued by war and a world wide threat of financial dishevel.

The climate leading to the presidential was tense to say the least. The voters pro Obama were bursting with optimism but, his foes saw only limitations and hurdles. I remember watching his inauguration in my place of business. A vast majority of my customers pulled up seats amazed to take in a piece of history. However there were people who were disturbed to say the least to see him take office. These people were so upset they actually wrote complaint letters because the inauguration was being shown.
President Obama’s’ first order of business was to order a massive bail out of all the major banks. This bail out was to the tune of trillions of dollars. His opposition was very vocal in telling anyone that would listen, what a horrible plan this was, how this p...

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