Essay on Can the Hunger Games Portray Our Government?

Essay on Can the Hunger Games Portray Our Government?

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What if some stranger said too you “May the odds be ever in your favor”. What would you say? If you never have heard of the hunger games you would be puzzled asking yourself, what is this person asking me? In all reality no one would come up to you asking that in this day and age. But in the future if we came to the society that is portrayed in the hunger games, we could find ourselves in a rough fix ourselves. We could currently be blind to that fact that we are in a hunger games type society. The hunger games is based on a futuristic society in Panem. In this time period there are twelve districts, the government made these districts to stop rebellion against the capital. Seventy five years ago, a massive rebellion happened that made the government start the hunger games, and changed the lives of everyone in Panem forever.
Little do we know, we are being controlled and our decisions have been made for us, it is all dependent on if we are poor or wealthy. Why wealth? Well in the hunger games they were split into twelve districts, one and two being the wealthiest is the capital. If we think about society right now who’s the richest people? Also where they are located, they are the government just like the capitol. The other districts, are poor and the poorest is district 12, these districts are given no food or treatment and when buying food they have their name entered into the Tessera system.
What this system is known as is a lottery, are we as Americans entered into a lottery? I don’t believe so, but I think we become numbers that are thrown into a distinctive draft as you may call it, for everyone may have a title that they fall under. In America, everyone is either a number, or has a certain classification. If you don’t g...

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...he actions of the government. Just like how the less wealthy districts did in the hunger games, once they saw Katniss and Peta with their love and how wrong everything was people started standing up for their belief in what was right. I believe with the lack or no food stamps Americans will be forced to go to other markets that sell cheaper products such as a black market. In the hunger games their black market is the hob, the hob supplies things that the government won’t. Food and valuables are things that the capital wants to keep away from most civilians of the more poor districts.
With the capitol being a mirror of Washington D.C, we can see how bad the government is at the moment. While also seeing how dominate they are of the people, which is very disappointing. So, do we have a voice? Are the odds in your favor? If they are get ready while you still can.

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