Can Teenagers Make a Difference? Essays

Can Teenagers Make a Difference? Essays

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Some people say teenagers can’t make a difference. Well there are plenty of examples that say otherwise. There are many teenagers around the world that have invented something to change the world for the better, whether it was inventing a weapon or commanding massive armies to win almost impossible battles. Many teenagers have helped to shape the world some more than others, but there are some who did things that most adults couldn’t do.
One teenager who made a difference was Samuel Colt; he was born in Connecticut in the year 1814 on July 19. He got his inspiration to make the revolver when he was on a boat and the ship’s wheel intrigued him, mostly that it could alternately spin or be locked in a fixed position with the use of a clutch. Samuel Colt invented a revolver that could be fired multiple times before having to reload it. Then in the year 1846 during the Mexican War, the US government ordered 1,000 revolvers from Samuel Colt. With his growing business, he had to up his production, so in the year 1855 Colt opened the world’s largest private armament factory. With his production line filled with skilled workers, he could produce 150 guns in one day. Samuel Colt created this revolver that is used today when he was 16 years old (Samuel Colt). Without the colt revolver who knows if we would of won all the wars we have won so this just shows that teens can make a difference. Another young boy that changed history forever was Alexander the Great.
Alexander the Great was one of the world’s best commanders at the age of 18. Although he didn’t become king till the age of 20, he still led his comrades through many great victories. When he inherited his army from his father Philip, who was murd...

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... Although not all teenagers have a positive effect on the world, a majority of them have. You don’t have to invent a weapon or even lead an army to victory to make a difference. So therefore there is proof that teenagers can make a difference. All teens have the power to change the world, but some just don't know how to use it.

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