Essay about Can Teenage Pregnancy Be Prevented With Faith?

Essay about Can Teenage Pregnancy Be Prevented With Faith?

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Can teenage pregnancy be prevented with faith
When I was little to get to many places, we either walked or took the bus. My mom didn’t have a car or enough money to afford one so that was the only choice we had. My mom had me at 18 so she had to grow up and give up her partying life. She didn’t get to go to college and her marriage didn’t last since she got married so young. My mom struggles everyday it hasn’t gotten easier for her .Having a child at a young age affects you for the rest of your mom is a single mother with 3 kids getting no help from my father. The best contraceptive for teenagers is abstinence with faith teaching girls they have a future and abstinence education the teenage pregnancy rate can be lowered. Approximately one million teens get pregnant and give birth every year in the United States and 80 percent of those births are to unmarried teens as said in the national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy article. The communities that we live in need to send clear messages about sexual behavior. No organization in a community needs to publicly support every method to reduce teen pregnancy and STD’s they just need to avoid sending messages that could cause conflict. Sarah brown from the national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy said, “One of the nation’s shining success stories of the past two decades is in danger of unraveling. Clearly the nation’s collective efforts to convince teens to postpone childbearing must be more creative and more intense, and they must begin today”. Some people think that providing teenagers with contraceptives is the best way to lower teen pregnancy rates while others think the focus should be on abstinence education.

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