Can Social Media Improve Weight Loss Essay

Can Social Media Improve Weight Loss Essay

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”Can Social Media Improve Weight Loss in Children?” Medscape Education Clinical Briefs, August 2016
In this two year study, a program that was developed to test the usage of social media and weight loss on 404 young adults who were obese and overweight, who were between the ages of 18-35 had a positive correlation in short term weight loss while using smart technology. In a randomized controlled trial, using Facebook and different smart app based technologies compared to the everyday advice you can receive on the web, Facebook like and smart technologies had a more significant impact on weight reductions. Unfortunately, this study did not meet its goal, which was to have a notable weight reduction in a two year time span. One of the Dr’s stated that the two year goal they allowed themselves to have, was a bit too long due to the fact that most people consider 6 months to a year to be the finish line in most things they get into. It was suggested that if social technologies down the road could assist in weight reduction for a longer period of time, we could see a trickle effect of weight reduction in young adults in big numbers.
Discussing my findings with a patient who wants to get involved with a social media program that could aid them in losing weight, in my opinion from the studies done, simply wouldn 't benefit a person long term. A person’s goal when losing weight is simply to get rid of it and keep it off. I would caution them to inform their Dr when getting into different programs to make sure it is safe for them. One piece of advice I would give to them would be, if they wanted to follow a program using social media and smart applications, to partner up with somebody and use each other for guidance and help. That is one...

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... an extraordinary reduction in diabetes amongst the population in the UK by 250,000 people. Reducing sugar is just one small step at reducing diabetes, as a policy that would aim to reduce the amount of people who develop diabetes, would need to have more than just sugar reduction listed as an aid.
If a patient who was suffering from diabetes was interested in getting involved with this kind of test, I would have the patient do things similar to this study. I would have them reduce the amount of sugar from their diet by 10%, but I would have them reduce another 10% every 4 months, totaling 30% every year. I would also implement salt reduction to go along with that as well. Small changes eventually become big changes. Getting the patient on a developed exercise routine would also enhance the amount of weight they could reduce and prolong the longevity of their life.

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