Essay on Can Popular Entertainment Offer Us Anything of Value?

Essay on Can Popular Entertainment Offer Us Anything of Value?

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Our culture puts entirely too much emphasis on popular entertainment. Of course, we all need to be distracted occasionally, but if we spend a lot of time browsing our favorite websites, watching television, playing video games, or updating our social networking accounts, we are merely avoiding life’s more important realities. Moreover, none of these activities helps us develop any of the skills or acquire any of the knowledge we need to succeed in the real world. Can popular entertainment offer us anything of value, or is it just a worthless distraction? I am here to say it can offer us some value. Three reasons I believe entertainment can offer us value is it can be used for family problems, or just family nourishment. My second reason is it can tell you about daily life and what is going wrong from news, or sportscenter. But, many families who don’t have television, or social network accounts can also get information. Which leads me to say that cellphone applications are helpful. So, entertainment can be of great value but it can also be used to our own advantage.
We all k...

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