Essay about Can Personality And Level Of Intelligence Be Changed?

Essay about Can Personality And Level Of Intelligence Be Changed?

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Can Personality and level of intelligence be changed?
Is it possible for someone to change his or her personality? Even though it seems odd, the answer is yes. The first considerable thing is the meaning of personality. As we all know, “personality means an individual’s characteristic and relatively consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving.” Most people think that personality is unique and encoded in our genes and impossible to change, but the truth is personality can be changed just like many other things. It just takes time and much more effort. Based on research, personality is a flexible and dynamic thing that changes over the course of time and life experiences. If someone grows up in a difficult situation and environment or a poor family, his or her personality would be different comparable with the same person who grows up in a very good environment and a rich family. The same theory accepts to the level of intelligence. As we read on an anthropologist on mars there are many characters, who work so hard to improve their ability, even though some of them had some kind of disabilities. Stephen Wiltshire is a perfectly talented artist, who can draw a city with just a glance from above. He can memorize every details and bring it on a paper. At first it seems impossible to be like him, but the fact is human’s mind is so complicated, and it can do to many difficult tasks. We just need to practice and investigate time in our favorite field. There too many factors are involved in shaping a human personality: society, family, friends, school, and too many other factors. Changing in one of these factors would change the personality. The most important thing is how to change the personality, goals, and strivings by showi...

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... I learned I can improve my ability, I do not care about anything that stands in my way and I face every challenge. According to the article, “Changing black students’ exceptions of acceptance had dramatic effects.”
In conclusion, personality is the way of thinking and acting of an individual, and is not shaped already when they are born. It will be formed by the environment around them and Human beings can shape them through the experiences in life. In fact, belief does matter. Belief can be changed, and when it is changed, personality is also changed with it. What we need to know is that we are not born with certain amount of ability or intelligence, we definitely can improve them, and this can be possible if we accomplish everything with believe and confidence in ourselves. Overall, whenever these factors affect our life, these can affect our personality as well.

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