Essay on Can People Just Fall? Love?

Essay on Can People Just Fall? Love?

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Can people just fall in love? like (initial capitalized) the saying “love at first site (site -- sight)”? Its (It 's) perhaps true when (missing words) were younger (comma and space) and we mistake “love at first site” for attractiveness (comma and space) but there’s more to it than that. (Add a quote. This quote can some data come from "U.S. Divorce rate". This quote can help explain the idea above.) (Develop your idea more, make the ideas more clearly.)
The essence of the kind of love that exists between two people who become significant others is a love where (where--which) they completely know one another and they appreciate each other’s good qualities while accepting each other’s flaws. (Add a quote from Shakespeare 's Sonnet 130 or 18, because using this quote can help explain how lovers appreciate each other and accept their shortcomings.) The love should be expressed with constant honesty and attentiveness towards each other’s happiness for it to endure. (Add a quote, and use this quote to show love with this feature and explain why this feature can help love endure. You can use a quote from “What We Talk about When We Talk about Anne Frank”, Deb and her husband are a representative couple who care about the feeling of each other, and their love seem endure.) (The meanings of the first sentence and the second sentence are not same, maybe you could divide them into two paragraphs.)
Love is something some of us are fortunate to experience and (conjunction problem: ", but "?) we may not think about how we got there. Let’s examine the essence of love between two people who meet and become significant others or spouses, and how it should be expressed for the relationship to endure. (Add a quote, the quote ...

... middle of paper ... express. It is constant honesty and attentiveness towards each others happiness in order to increase the longevity of the relationship. Communicating any problems with full honesty will help to avoid any future problems and resentment or disagreements. Attentiveness to each others happiness is important to understand in order for our partners to want to continue. If one partner cannot read the others happiness then the other should express honesty about any difficulties in the relationship. This could also avoid unfaithfulness.
If we hope to achieve the kind of love that exists between two loving people we must first allow to get (to get -- getting) to know the person before saying they don 't fulfill the variables mentioned above.If we also hope to maintain this love we have to keep in mind the two important traits that will definitely make the relationship last.

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