Essay about `` Can People Get By On Four Hours ' Of Sleep?

Essay about `` Can People Get By On Four Hours ' Of Sleep?

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Baggy eyes and complaints over lack of sleep are conditions that can be seen or heard every time one goes to work or class. After reading an article entitled “Can People Get by on Four Hours ' of Sleep?” where figures like Margaret Thatcher was praised for their ability to accomplish what they did while reportedly only sleeping approximately four hours a night. Sleepless nights are not only over-glorified but spreading like wildfire. Not only for the typical young adult like myself juggling school, work and relationships but even our world 's leaders and everyone in between. Get off work late, finish an assignment, and go to bed, only to have to be forced out of bed three hours later and do it all over again. Christmas is approaching, children are begging for the newest game console, plus 20 something other loved ones that deserve gifts as well. Next thing you know people are dragging themselves from one 70 hour work week to the next trying to make those goals happen. According to the article “Drained”, the cause of all this sleepiness may be largely a lifestyle choice, but it 's a way of life driven by a corporate culture that rewards long hours as a mark of productivity (54-58). So in a world of deadlines, how do we feel better and accomplish the tasks of what is expected of us? The answer is amazingly simplistic in nature; we need to sleep more.
Just because the answer is simple doesn 't necessarily make it any easier to do. Trust me, someone who was diagnosed with insomnia at a young age, laying down and closing your eyes isn 't easy when work, financial, and relationships problems are lingering on the mind. Before you know it you 've been set up for failure in a vicious cycle. Lose sleep cause you are stressed, become more st...

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...n. We all have goals and responsibilities to take care of, some of those on a daily basis, one of those being to take the time to keep ourselves healthy. Sleep is not only necessary to keep us running, but key in allowing our minds to function properly and accurately decide what is and isn 't necessary to keep ourselves up and to move. So take a look at yourself, assess if you feel that you are doing well in everyday life or just getting through the day. Keep in mind that outside perspectives can be useful. Ask peers, employers, coaches, or teachers if they have noticed a decline in mood, energy or performance. You might need to relax, and you might need medical help and advice. What we do in our waking hours is important, but remember that it is only half the equation. Be the person that comes in each day ready to get things accomplished instead of living in a haze.

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