Can Not Live Without Youtube? Essay

Can Not Live Without Youtube? Essay

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Originally I was going to speak about the app Scholly, which is a resource app to help students find scholarship oppurtunites that they are definitely eligible for. It is also the reason I am applying to this very scholarship. However after further thought I realized that their is an app I use much more frequently. The reason mainly attaining to the fact that I have used it longer whereas the Scholly app I have only had for about a month. I have used the scholly app rather obsessively, however it only helps me in one category. The app I am about to discuss has helped me in more ways than one. It is an app that I will forever be grateful to, and must therefore express my gratitude by giving it the light it deserves in this scholarship. And so, to answer your question, the app I can not live without is YouTube. I realize this may not be the most original answer, but I believe the truth is better than a fabricated lie in order to gain the award of this scholarship.

YouTube has been used by myself since I was around 15 years old. That is when I was aloud to use it. In the beginning it was used strictly for entertainment purposes. To watch random videos that gave no other purpose than to make me laugh. But now that I have gotten older; albeit not much older; it has become a resource for information. I have begun using it to learn all of the different things my mind wants to explore. I have dabbled in graphic design, sign language, and even psychology which is the degree I am currently pursuing.I don 't have to scour the earth for information, I do not have to hire a tutor or a teacher, nor do I have to go to the library to pick up a book. While those things are still easily accessible, what is even more convenient is turning on my ...

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...e feel privileged. I have access to millions of minds, billions of thoughts, and trillions of ideas. It has been a source of happiness when I felt I desperately needed it. It has been an escape. It has been a connection to people all around the world, whom I would never have known about otherwise.

Without YouTube, I think a lot of us would not be quite as knowledgeable. Just like Google, it is a platform from which anything can be found within a few clicks. Books are great, and I continue to read them. But with a moving screen that can last anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour or longer, I can choose to scratch the surface on a topic or delve in with all of my focus. I can choose to be an amateur, or an expert. It is an app that I use to its full advantage and I am glad it exists. Even if I am using for my selfish reason to learn as much as humanly possible and beyond.

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